Replacements for words in write-ups


单词/意思 replacements
获取, get fetch, obtain, acquire, retrieve, extract, summarize
收到,收集 gain, receive, collect, aggregate
分类 categorize, cluster, classify, segment
保存 persist, allocate
展示, show present, demonstrate, visualize, articulate
记录文档 document, draft, finalize, compile
自动化 pipeline, assemble, automate
分析, analyze perform, conduct
制作,实装 implement
移动替换 migrate, substitute
帮助,插手 assist, participate
相关, relate correspond
用, use utilize
优化简化 optimize, simplify
清理 cleanse
获准 permit, authorize
宣布 proclaim, advertise, broadcast, publish
取消 repeal
指定 designate, nominate, appoint
其他 accomodate, facilitate, achieve, coordinate, validate

To Be Continuted…

Last updated on: 18-02-22
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